A large weblike structure of panels featuring flat shadow puppet shapes in the Hazelhurst Gardens.

Image:  Tianli Zu Shadow Maze 2015, installation view. Photograph by Silversalt Photography.

21 February 2015 to 19 August 2015

A new work by Tianli Zu that was commissioned by Hazelhurst and launched to coincide with the Gallery’s 15th birthday celebrations.

The more than 10 x 10 metre interactive installation in the gardens took viewers on a journey through the history of Hazelhurst and its original owners Ben and Hazel Broadhurst who established the property in 1946 and bequeathed it to the local community.

Combining digital prints and images with delicate hand cuts the installation created playful, and at times eerie, shadows that dance throughout the maze as the light and shade in the gardens shift throughout the day. The hand-cut peepholes created a layering of historical images with views to the original house, the current gardens, and the Arts Centre.