A painting of a woman standing outdoors, she is wearing a white dress and her arms are raised holding a white blindfold across her eyes. There are clouds in the blue sky and green foliage in the background. There is also a white billowing sheet behind her.

8 September to 19 September 2023

Working across painting, drawing and sculpture, the artist explores the concept of drapery as a metaphor for the state of separation that we impose on ourselves - from the environment, from each other - and the way our beliefs can partition us from reality.

With only 10 to 15 years left to limit our impact on the environment, drapery appears in the landscape like a shroud, something left behind, an unsettled sense of grieving, with figures blindfolded from reality but also suggesting a sense of hope that we can save ourselves and our world.

Image: Jodi Stewart The Ephemerality of Butterflies I 2023, oil on canvas.