A 2-dimensional photo media artwork. Image features a dry riverbed scene overlayed with a cemetery scene of old tombstones.

Image: Belinda Allen, River lament - Darling (detail) 2019, archival pigment print. Courtesy the artist.

3 March to 21 March 2023

A range of media is combined in an exploration of history and culture of place, an antipodean version of the theme surveyed in Simon Schama’s 1995 book of the same title. Threads such as immigration, settlement, invasion and related cultural pathologies are reflected.

Belinda Allen explores the landscapes of her personal history and travels, juxtaposing the remnants and textures of settlement with the challenging nature and history of the ‘wild’ landscape.

Christopher Lawrie examines family, history and immigration while contemplating the transience/permanence of landscape, place and belonging.