Zuza Zochowski is a Wollongong based artist working mainly with paint as her medium. Her work explores methods in personally translating her visual experience as an image. Zuza works from life or plein air with her immediate surroundings as her subject. Her works are personal observations of her subjects quickly depicted using colours, shapes, texture and tone. Sketches are made for further investigation in the studio or works are made as an immediate response to the moment at hand.

Zuza holds a Bachelor of Visual Arts (Painting) from Sydney College of the Arts and a Masters in Teaching (Primary) from University of Wollongong. Since graduating from SCA, Zuza has exhibited her work both in solo and group exhibitions, been included as a finalist in many competitions and partaken in artists residencies nationally and internationally.

She has taught adults with organisations such as Bega Regional Gallery, Sydney City Council and the University of Wollongong. Zuza currently teaches creative arts with primary school students, drawing with high school students and painting with adults at Hazelhurst Arts Centre.

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