Three ceramic sculptures inspired by human and plant anatomies.

St Columba's Catholic College



Raku clay, bronze metal clay, copper oxide, acrylic, Perspex

Would you sell an organ from your body for an orchid? Trans-plants compares illegal organ harvesting for transplants to rapacious orchid trafficking. Immersed in the bizarre world of orchid obsession, the vessels depict the lure of the seductive orchid enticing flower hunters to risk their lives in the pursuit of the exotic specimens – not unlike the dangerous, commercial appeal of illicit human organs.

ARTEXPRESS was a joint partnership between The New South Wales Department of Education and NSW Education Standards Authority in association with Hazelhurst Arts Centre.

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An artistic orange brushstroke design forms abstract shapes on a white background. Overlaid on the design is the word "artexpress" in a sleek, modern black font. The orange brush strokes appear dynamic and free-flowing, with splatters and tapered ends.Simplified waratah flower in deep red colour with the words NSW Government in dark blue stacked underneath.