Three animation like stills showing streetscenes featuring animals with human bodies. Below each coloured work if the pencil sketch/storyboard illustration.

St Ursula's College

Cultural metamorphosis

Graphic Design


Cultural metamorphosis explores the expansion and growth of multiculturalism in the current Australian landscape. Inspired by the stylistic design of cartoons and animations, I aimed to represent the various cultural scenes that are scattered across the Sydney suburbs. However, complications and issues arise with the rapid development of new cultures. The anthropomorphised animals express how this sudden introduction of new cultures challenges us, stretching our ability to accept and understand the different beliefs and traditions that arise as a result of multiculturalism.

ARTEXPRESS was a joint partnership between The New South Wales Department of Education and NSW Education Standards Authority in association with Hazelhurst Arts Centre.

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An artistic orange brushstroke design forms abstract shapes on a white background. Overlaid on the design is the word "artexpress" in a sleek, modern black font. The orange brush strokes appear dynamic and free-flowing, with splatters and tapered ends.Simplified waratah flower in deep red colour with the words NSW Government in dark blue stacked underneath.