A collection of five sculptured and 12 small panels of 2-dimensional works.

Mosman High School

Fowlers Gap Remnants

Collection of Work

Collagraph, print making, found objects, sculpture, chine-collé

Fowlers Gap Remnants explores how an object left in an environment for long enough becomes a part of that environment. My work is inspired by two art trips I took to Fowlers Gap. It is a close study of the landscape and how an environment affects objects, manipulating them to adopt its characteristics.

ARTEXPRESS was a joint partnership between The New South Wales Department of Education and NSW Education Standards Authority in association with Hazelhurst Arts Centre.

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An artistic orange brushstroke design forms abstract shapes on a white background. Overlaid on the design is the word "artexpress" in a sleek, modern black font. The orange brush strokes appear dynamic and free-flowing, with splatters and tapered ends.Simplified waratah flower in deep red colour with the words NSW Government in dark blue stacked underneath.